Located 3 miles southeast of the Los Angeles Arts District, East 26 Projects embodies a multi-functional creative space ideal for all artists throughout the artistic career spectrum. The space emphasizes on curating Contemporary art exhibitions and educating all audiences on the ins and outs of the art world. With the help of other artistic minds, East 26 Projects creates memorable curatorial visions and opportunities that intertwine the various art-professional roles needed to execute exhibitions.


For inquiries and general questions, please contact info@east26projects.com



Housed within the Fine Art Solutions’ production complex, East 26 Projects serves as an innovative layout for art-related exhibitions/ events. The space is composed of a main gallery space, an artist-in-residence studio, and an outdoor lounge/ bar area. East 26 Projects strives to collaborate with artists and make available the interaction with art-presentation professionals, as well as expose them to a vast network of art professionals and much more.  



East 26 Projects is the creation of an artistic board of founders. Although we encourage all artistic ventures to inquire about our space availability, we have a set exhibition calendar and give priority to exhibition proposals from FAS friends/ clients.

Soon we will be launching an Artist Residency Program - further details to follow.

Our Staff


 Ramon Valdez, Gallery Director/ Owner 


Jessica Portillo, Exhibitions Director/ Curator

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East 26 Projects

3461 East 26th Street, Vernon, California 90058, United States